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Beautiful and special seeds, right?
I think I placed them on a wet paper towel in a plastic bag (deno) but they should germinate in potting soil as well too. They like some warmth and they take 2 to 3 weeks to germinate. If you sow them at the same time as your tomatoes they can be planted at the same time (slower germination but faster growth). Good luck!
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Originally Posted by BettyC-5 View Post
Going to mail my seeds tomorrow. Will include two tomatoes that were on Gary's list.
Also sending Beans:

Green Beauty - yummy snap pea
Desire Dwarf Blauwschokkers -has purple pods
Carouby de Maussane -snow pea
Crown -pink blossoms

Ali Baba watermelon
Petit Gris de Rennes melon
A couple years ago I grew some peas from the swap. I saved seed from those I grew and the one of the bags was marked "Desire Dwarf Blauwschokkers", just like Betty has it written. I can't remember how they tasted but the purple pods were easy to see. Today I searched the internet for | pea "desire dwarf" height | and can't find much except for this tville thread... and some dating websites...

At least one search engine changes the search and returns results for "Desiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers", which are peas with purple pods. In this case one little E seems to make a big difference.

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Blauwschokkers are purple 'kapucijners'. Like a fat pea. I think it is only common in the Netherlands. I never heard of it until a few years ago and I live so close to the Netherlands and speak the same language. They are beautiful, make gorgeous flowers and are tasty. We eat them raw as a snack like we eat our shelling peas.

Edit: kapucijners are field peas according to Wikipedia. So Blauwschokkers are purple field peas.

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