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Originally Posted by nickel plate View Post
Figured it would happen-thank you clkeiper for dog piling on with your "you have posted 7 times" I'm a newbie remark.
I've been vegetable gardening for over thirty years and have just this year branched out into a larger scale of corn planting with the incentive of corn blanch/freezing.
All I wanted was a possibly better tool to extract the kernels via input from the Tomatoville forum-your post failed in that respect.
I have recently purchased a Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper thanks to several here that made the positive recommendations.
Guess I'm now up to eight posts.
no problem. thanks Worth and Imp. love you both!
carolyn k
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Originally Posted by nickel plate View Post
And your point is?
My point was to welcome you to Tomatoville. The point of my edit was to indicate my error thinking that you were a new member.
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Closing this thread for now.
Now an Oregon gal
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Originally Posted by nickel plate View Post
Hey folks-let's get this thread back on track-LOOKING FOR A WORKING GOOD CORN COB KERNEL EXTRACTING TOOL OTHER THAN YOUR EVERYDAY MAMMA'S KITCHEN KNIFE-please no more recipes, assembly line procedures, lathe extraction, beans, potatoes or cob jelly. Please stick to my subject or start your own thread. Jeeze...

People were just being friendly and helpful, so if that offends you - you know where the proverbial door is...

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As for the drill attachment to spin the corn I wonder how easy it would be to auger that thing right into your hand.
Home of Cactus Flats Botanical Gardens.
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But of course I live in Texas and the dam things are huge.
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nickel plate
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Just received a "Corn Zipper" in the mail. Later this week is the scheduled harvest-we had a sneak preview for lunch today-four sweet ears.
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