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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
... Carolyn, who notes that in the tomato seed business the only two others she's known longer than Linda are Glenn Drowns of Sandhill Preservation and Jeff MCCormack, who use to own SESE but sold it and now owns Garden Medicinals. All three should be models for others in the seed business as I see it. ...
I agree.

Originally Posted by clkeiper View Post
Hermatian, just for your information...those Giant Szegedi's are not giant. ...
The TGS description matches my experience:

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TGS seeds have SUPER germination rates. Love them.
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Tomato Beth
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I had great success with their seeds this year, too.
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Ordered from TGS about a month ago for my winter grow.
Germinated 4 seeds of each variety below in paper towels atop my DVR box.
Only 1 of 20 seeds did not germinate. Awesome customer service also.

Red Robin
New Big Dwarf

Purple Jalapeno
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I ordered from them very recently. The one thing that really stood out after I ordered was how prompt they were. They got it shipped out very fast. It arrived fast. I felt kind of like I ordered it and there it was. Unfortunately, I purposefully didn't browse through their peppers (because I have lots of peppers, and I'm not sure how long the seeds will keep), and I missed that they have Roumanian Rainbow, which I actually would have wanted to get.

Seems like a nice store to me. The website format and varieties offered are cool.

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I had good luck with them last year.
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I order from them almost every year. This year, I am sending Linda Sapp some seeds to trial. I spoke to her on the phone day before yesterday, she is very nice.

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Horrible company.
Always tempting me with more pepper and tomato seeds by way of catalog and emails.
The service is too good to be true people answer the phone and emails, something is up.
Story has it they may be aliens.
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Originally Posted by ginger2778 View Post
I order from them almost every year. This year, I am sending Linda Sapp some seeds to trial. I spoke to her on the phone day before yesterday, she is very nice.
Yes, she is very nice and I've known her since about 1989.She used to trial everything re tomatoes at where she and her now late husband lived, but when they moved she had to subcontract out and she's used several places for that including Adam Gleckler but now she's having Aaron Whaley,son of Kent,to do the seed production she needs at his huge place in WI.

I feel a bit guilty since for the past two years I haven't sent anything,and now it's too late for this year.

She and her help do all the germination tests before they send out any seed, and if you look in the catalog, or online you can see that many commercial farmers get their seeds from her,just b/c of the amounts they sell.

And I laugh a bit b/c each year she sends me two catalogs since she knows that I don't buy seeds,they appear and before I send any we talk over what she might need, I do that as well, as to more of this,nope,don't need any of that, etc.

The last time I tried to buy seeds from Linda was when pictures were being taken for my book in the summer of 1998 and in 1997 I did the growouts to be sure all were OK,they weren't, b/c when I tried to find my Dr.Carolyn seeds I couldn't, called her, and she sent two packs and wouldn't take a dime b/c I'd sent so many ones to trial before that.

Two problems she'shad are folks sending seeds that are contaminated,usually it's Fusarium,and there have been times when a variety wasn't what it should be and when reported,she has new stock made and then sends the new stuf to each person who originally had requested the seed,for free.

I am far from the only person who sent her seeds for trial,more so in the in earlier decades until about 4 years ago,and there are some here at Tville who have also sent seeds for trial. as well.

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I've been ordering from TGS for years. Beautiful catalog and very user friendly website. I've never had a problem with germination either.
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This place is awesome I ordered seeds on April 2nd and received them on the 10th and I live in Canada.Last year when I ordered it was just as fast, also this year I got 2 bonus packs of seeds with my order.As for germination rates I always get close to 100 percent with any seeds no matter where I get them from because I dont over think it.I plant them in dirt and give them water and light just like in nature and they do fine.
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