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Any updates on this project?

Also, one anecdote: when I knew nothing about tomatoes, I grew a six pack of Romas from K-Mart. At the end of the season, a frost killed the plants, but the fruits remained on the vine & ripened for another two weeks. Anyone else have this happen with Romas?

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Yes, I'm using the LA1777 cross as a rootstock. And I now have a strain with edible fruit - actually pretty good-tasting fruit. I'm not sure it is entirely stable, though.
Use of the litchi tomato as a rootstock was also successful. Those grafted plants made it through a light frost. I read later that it was being used as a rootstock in East Asia for other reasons.
Hopefully, I'l get around to posting some photographs one of these days.
You are right. A freeze that kills the leaves appears to shock the plant into ripening the fruit. Peppers are the same way. You can do the same thing by pulling the plant upward until the root mass breaks a little. The remaining tomatoes will ripen quickly.

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I would love to hear if FusionPower did proceed with his original idea for the multi parent cross combining record cold tolerance, earliness, and cold setting?

I ended up crossing my F1 of Eva Purple Ball X PI 120256 to a pink mini-beef F2 of Stupice X Black Cherry in 2015, shooting to combine Stupice's earliness and cool weather set, with the cold tolerance of PI 120256 and taste genetics of the others. I grew out my six seeds of this F1 this season, and it was one of the highlights for sure... Really vigorous plants that set well in all our conditions hot or cold and had a fine yield of sweet and tasty fruit. I saved seed from the pink and red F1s that had the best set as well as best tasting of all. The one plant I put outdoors also ripened nearly all fruit by September, and quite a bit more than any other outdoor contenders.

Nothing close to the capabilities/traits described in the OP, however!. I have another line which is outstanding for foliage health and cold tolerance, keeping on through some light frost nights, but they too were sincerely toast the night we dropped to 27F.
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