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Default Patterson f-1 Onions?

It looks like Johnny's will not carry Copra next year, they are sending out samples of Patterson f-1. Anyone have any experience with these, any info on growth or storage?
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never heard of them. did jss give a reason for not carrying copra next year?

prince is a yellow day long onion that will store nearly as long as copra.

i usually don't buy from jss due to costs of seed and s&h tho i like their catalog.

copra should be available thru pinetree and i think fedco lists copra too. i wonder if the seed producers are not growing copra? it's a great onion, wicked long storage and quite sweet. i was surprised at how sweet copra is in the 1st 4 months of storage. in past years i would start to eat copra in february or march but i dropped growing a sweet onion (candy or alisa craig exhibition) and just grow a red (red wing excellent storage) and copra. so i was eating copra in the fall and i was amazed at how sweet it is, long storage onions i'd think would be hot as they have high sulfur compounds which is why they store so long.

ain't it great having a forum specifically for this!

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