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Default where to find Sarpo Mira in USA ?

i know it to late this year but does anyone one know where to get seed tubers for this variety in the usa ? or does anyone have 2-3 that they would part with or sell to allow be to build up my own stock ? watching youtube video look pretty neat to grow as all the variety that we can purchase are variety bread for large scale ag commercial growers
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Jeannine Anne
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I believe that is a UK one, with some blight resistance. My fave never made it across the pond either.Friends in the UK perhaps??
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It's hungarian, but quite popular in UK indeed, due to late blight resistance, which is real, a neighbor had it and I was shocked how they were still green 2 months after the rest were wiped (we used to get late blight on potatoes in my region every year, without fail in june-july).

It's a very late potato, with high yield potential, but that's about it, in terms of taste imo, it's not worth it, also high starch which means gooey mashed potatoes.
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It is not available commercially in the USA as certified seed tubers at this point. It has made it here and through the required quarantine period, however. It is in the USDA Ars-Grin genebank, and also is on the list with Seedsaver's Exchange. That latter option, however is likely not virus-free at present.
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